The Salerno Family

The Salerno family purchased the farm in October 2015. With just a few weeks until Christmas, we were up and running almost immediately to fulfill everyone’s holiday wishes.

Our immediate family (from left to right): Peter, Sophia, Sue, Nicole, Dante & PJ. With Christian and our dog, Bruce, in the front.





Daisy, Delilah, Hampton & Gandolf


Daisy, Delilah, Hampton & Gandolf were the first animals added to the farm in November 2015.



Fresh Holiday Wreaths



PJ’s girlfriend, Lauren, jumped right in to help make wreaths.



Fresh Produce


Before the ground could thaw, it was time for Tyler to help with the planting and preparations for fresh produce at the farm.



And then we decided to grow our family a little more…

Chickens at Foothill Farm



In February, our farm family grew with the addition of 100 chicks…



Ducklings at Foothill Farm



…and 6 ducklings.



Pigs at Foothill Farm



In April, we added three new pigs.


Geese at Foothill Farm



In May, we added three geese.



Piglets at Foothill Farm



And in June 2016, Delilah had babies and we welcomed three new piglets to the family.